At Clarus Windows, we are looking to serve you and your specific needs. We want to go above & beyond what other companies offer. We seek to create a service that has satisfaction guaranteed. Cleaning reflective services can be tricky, if you notice a spot once our team leaves, we will be happy to come back and fix it, free of charge. Our core values are authentic hospitality, optimistic energy, and dependable excellence. These three things are at the center of all that we do.

Yes, we are happy to offer free and instant quotes through our website.

If you run into any hiccups during the online quote process, feel free to reach out to us and we will assist you.

It is up to you whether or not you want to be home at the time of your appointment. We have had clients leave their garage code or an alternate way to get into their home if they chose to be gone. We want to do whatever is best for you and are willing to work together to make arrangements if you cannot be home at your scheduled time. Homeowners do not need to be home if they are only getting the exterior of their home done.
We are more than happy to help move any furniture or other items that need to be moved. That being said, if there are items that you would rather move on your own, we ask that that be done ahead of your scheduled appointment.
Weather can change at the drop of a hat so we work hard to keep our appointments until the last second. If it turns out that the weather will not cooperate during your scheduled appointment then we will reach out to you and find a different opening in the schedule that works for you.
Dawn Platinum has been our cleaning liquid of choice. It cuts through dirt and grime and leaves your windows sparkling. We also work with mineral-free water that we get from our portable water purifier. This device allows us to work with mineral free, reverse osmosis purified water that leaves windows spot-free without using extra chemicals.
Our team is made up of Clarus Windows employees. This way we have assurance that the job will get done to our company’s standards. We value consistency and what makes that possible is our training system that has proven to produce quality work from our employees time and time again.
Towels are our best friend. We use them constantly as we work in your home. When using ladders, we protect your floor with towels at the base as well as carrying towels with us to wipe any drips as we go. We also leave our shoes outside of the front door and wear clean socks to ensure your floors stay clean. We have found shoe coverings to be less reliable than some good old-fashioned trusty socks. If you have other preferences, feel free to let us know, we want to respect you and your beautiful home.
We do prefer that the outside water be turned on because it is definitely a help to us when we need to hook up equipment to a water source. That being said, if you are not able to have your outside water turned on just let us know ahead of time and we will take care of the water supply.
Yes, we are insured. In the small chance that there are any damages from our services, we will cover the costs to repair them.
There are several ways to make payments once a job has been completed. We take cash, check, or card on site. You can also mail cash or check to our PO Box. Lastly, we can send an invoice via email and you can pay online.

The breakup of cost is as follows: $2.50 per interior pane, $3.50 per exterior pane, $2.00 per screen cleaning, $100/hr pressure washing, $1 per foot for gutter cleaning. There is a $150 minimum for house jobs. 

We can remove hard water stains but it does take longer to clean these windows. The technician making the analysis can tell you how cleaning those stains will change your quote.
On average, a job takes between one and a half to three and a half hours.
We recommend that windows are cleaned once each spring and once each fall to maintain clear windows all year long. As a bare minimum, we recommend getting your windows cleaned each summer.
We service anywhere within a 35 mile radius of the Twin Cities.
You can definitely reach out to us even if you are outside of our service area. We will simply be adding a travel charge to your quote.
We sure do! If five households sign up from the same neighborhood, they each get 15% off of their quote.
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